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A2M injections: A Viable Treatment For Arthritis

Alpha-2-macroglobulin(A2M) is a protein manufactured by the liver and transported through the bloodstream to various body organs that need it. Proteinases are enzymes found in the body responsible for causing articular cartilage destruction in the arthritic joint. The work of A2M is to arrest and neutralize the proteinases to put an end to the further damage.

A2M is the ultimate treatment for arthritis as it occurs in the body naturally. As per the CDC estimates more than 25 million adults in America have osteoarthritis, and if not treated it might cause disability and in some cases, knee replacement might be the only best solution.

Most of the arthritic medication is focused on pain relief rather than addressing the core agent that causes the indication. Why fill the body with too many painkillers that might be in some cases unhealthy when there is a safe and organic way of addressing arthritis once and for all?

There has never been a treatment for arthritis that could stop damages from becoming worst. In most cases, joint surgeries had to be performed to replace badly damaged joints. A2M has the solution to arthritis, and it is capable of stopping further damage to joints.

A2M is produced naturally by the body, but when arthritis sets in it’s evident its production in the area affected is minimal. In this kind of situation, a concentrated solution of A2M is injected into the affected area to boost its supply and protect the cartilage from damage.

A2M is effective in acute arthritis, but when arthritis has progressed to the destructive stage, you might want to consider other treatment options. It is beneficial to address the situation in its early stages to stop and eliminate the presence of proteinase on the affected site.

When injected into the affected area, A2M acts by locking in the proteinase preventing it from performing its task then the body immediately eliminates it. A2M works together with the body to get rid of the agent causing arthritis.

The human joint like that in the knee has a layer called cartilage that prevents the joining bones from wearing due to friction. If this cartilage is destroyed the bones start rubbing into each other causing arthritis that is painful to the patient.

A specific type of proteinase is the causative agent of arthritis that occurs naturally in the human body.  They are produced naturally in the body to break down proteins, but in some cases, they destroy the cartilage tissues in the joint exposing the bones to damage.

Even though A2M is also found and produced in the body, it is not enough to counteract the protein-destroying cells, and it is medically proven that a high concentration of it administered in the affected area can be effective only if the condition is in its infancy stage.

Just like any drug or medication, it doesn’t work the same with every patient, and a test is carried out to determine if the patient is a match for the A2M injection. At Masri Sports Medicine, we offer A2M injections to help you achieve pain relief.

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