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  • Comparing A2M Injections vs PRP Injections For Chronic Pain

Comparing A2M Injections vs PRP Injections For Chronic Pain

Plasma is the liquid part of blood rich in antibodies and protein. Platelets, on the other hand, are blood components that are responsible for tissue and cell regeneration. In other words, they restore damaged tissues and cell back to its original structure. A combination of platelet and plasma makes up platelet-rich plasma that treats arthritis among other health conditions.

Arthritis is a result of cartilage breakdown by the proteinase. When cartilage is broken down, it wears out leaving the joint exposed to friction. The plasma in PRP will work by preventing further damage to the cartilage while platelet will start rebuilding the damaged cartilage back to its original form.

Alpha 2 macroglobulin(A2M) is a molecule that occurs naturally in blood. It protects the body by blocking the functions of the proteinases responsible for the destruction of important tissues. Even though they are present in the blood, they are not able to travel to areas they are needed the most due to their form of structure and this is why scientist came up with an A2M injection. The proteinase is attracted to the A2M molecules for bonding which in turn gets eliminated by the body.

According to the facts stated here, both PRP and A2M have their own unique advantages. PRP prevents the cartilage from being destroyed further by the protein inhibiting enzymes and at the same time restores the damaged tissue to its original structure.

A2M is equally as useful a treatment for chronic arthritis because it quells inflammation in an attempt to reduce pain and prevent further damage.

In chronic arthritis, the cartilage has already started getting destroyed and if there’s any medication that will correct and restore it that will be PRP. With its restoration properties, the cartilage will be able to regrow and assume its normal structure. On the flip side, A2M will capture the proteinase and prevent further cartilage damage, making it equally viable for chronic arthritis.

Both A2M and PRP occur in the blood naturally, in fact, A2M is present in PRP. It is due to this reason both of them are safe to use since they don’t present any form of adverse effect. The difference between modified plasma and platelets with the blood flowing inside the body is concentration. In blood plasma and platelets are lower than those modified because for it to be effective, it should be highly concentrated.

Administration of A2M and PRP injections is on site this enhances and speed up treatment. It is unlikely to develop a reaction to both therapies since they are prepared using the patient’s blood.

PRP therapy has been around for quite a while, while A2M therapy is relatively new. Both therapies are available at Masri Sports Medicine. After an initial consultation with Dr. Sammy Masri, the best therapy for your specific case can be decided upon.

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