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Tendonitis Allendale NJ

You don’t need to put up with tendonitis any more. 

Have you been struggling with tendonitis for months on end?

If you have tried rest, physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, or steroid injections with no success, we provide a treatment that does not involve general or open surgery and could actually offer you a elimination of pain.

Tenex Health TX™ is quickly revolutionizing the treatment of tendonitis and soft tissue injuries.This minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure eliminates scar tissue, the primary source of tendon pain. Tenex Health TX™ can help to eliminate tendon pain in the elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, and foot.

Why choose Tenex Health TX™?

• It effectively relieves the pain of chronic tendonitis.

• It is a safe and effective alternative to open surgery.

• It is minimally invasive and virtually painless, using only a tiny 3 mm incision.

• It is performed using a local anesthetic. No stitches are necessary.

• The entire procedure is completed in under 15 minutes.

• Healing and recovery is relatively fast

You don’t have to live with tendonitis anymore. You can return to your active lifestyle again with Tenex Health TX™ – the new approach that is revolutionizing the treatment of tendon pain. Ask Dr. Masri if Tenex Health TX™ is the right procedure for you.

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