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Top 5 Causes of Lower Back Pain

A collection of bones that are interconnected by muscles and ligaments to form the backbone. In between these bones are the disk which protects the spinal column from sudden stress caused by impact forces. The lower backbone is responsible for supporting the upper torso. As very many vital tissues and arteries pass through the estrogen, it is evident how important it is to the whole body.

When there’s a dysfunction of the backbone, then the whole body will experience the effect. Pain and difficulty to bend are some of the common signs and symptoms of lower back pain but have you ever asked yourself what causes lower back pain? Here are some of what causes lower back pain.

Muscle stress

Almost everyone has experienced pain on their back at the waist area, and sometimes this pain can be transmitted to the pelvic bones. You might not realize it, but the pain can come as a result of a poor sitting position that strains the back muscles. The muscles located in the backbone area tends to stretch too much when a person is carrying or lifting heavy loads, and it is the same case with standing for long hours without sitting.

Degenerative diseases

Osteoporosis is estrogen disorder that affects mostly women who have reached menopause. Reduction of estrogen in the blood gives a favorable environment for osteoporosis to set in. Osteoporosis will then weaken and make bones in the body to become fragile and break easily even with a slight fall. Because the lower back carries the weight of the upper body which is heavy, it is subjected to fractures which cause lower back pain.

Hormonal changes

When a woman is pregnant, there is a production of relaxin which promotes relaxation of pelvic bones, lumbar backbone, and ligament. This relaxation of the lumbar vertebra causes it to move easily with a slight movement resulting in pain.


When you don’t do some exercise the muscles around the backbone becomes weak and stiff. The backbone needs to be strong to be able to support the spinal and the upper body. Doing light physical exercises will help strengthen the backbone for it to function in the right way.


Since the backbone id the one supporting the upper torso when more weight is added it becomes weak and stiff and prone to a herniated disk. Those people who are overweight may suffer from osteoarthritis when they start to age.

Practicing good exercise that is beneficial to the backbone and the body as a whole helps reduce the risk of lower back pain but the lower back pain caused by degenerative issues, cannot be prevented by exercising because it is caused by natural causes that need doctors intervention to stop the condition from getting worse.

Equip yourself with knowledge on how to lift and carry heavy loads to prevent subjecting your back to excessive strain that might cause life-threatening conditions of the back. Ensure your sitting posture is correct as sitting in the wrong position for long hours has an adverse effect on the lower backbone. Eating healthy and reducing stress is also beneficial for the lower backbone. If you still haven’t found the pain relief you’re looking for, Masri Sports Medicine offers a variety of treatments for lower back pain.

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